VHS to DVD Transfers

VHS, S-VHS and VHS-C tape transfers direct to DVD

VHS, S-VHS, S-VHS-C Cassettes

Both VHS and S-VHS recordings can be found in two physical tape cassette sizes

We use broadcast-industry standard equipment to convert VHS to DVD (and anything else) to the highest standards.

Moreover, we don’t simply connect an ageing, misaligned domestic VCR to a DVD recorder and hope for the best (as other suppliers do); we ensure that your copies are stable, colour-corrected and audio balanced. Every time.

Prices for S-VHS and VHS to DVD Transfers (“Direct to DVD”)

We copy one VHS or S-VHS tape (large format tape or smaller VHS-C camcorder tape) to one DVD for a fixed price of £18.00 (£15.00 + VAT) for recordings up to 180 minutes (3 hours). Tapes running over this are charged at an additional £6.00 (£5.00 + VAT) per hour or part thereof for durations above this.

Additional copies on DVD are priced at £9.00 (£7.50 + VAT).

Auto-run DVDs with Auto Chapter Marks

All DVDs are designed to auto-run when inserted into a DVD player and are created with Auto Chapter Marks (at roughly 5 mins intervals) and are labelled using Lightscribe laser burning direct to the upper surface of the DVD. DVD titles will assume the individual titles of the source tapes unless otherwise advised. We retain a “disc image” file for each DVD for a period of 30 days; this we do in case of a faulty copy or loss in transit, etc., enabling us to make a replacement copy for you if required.

Return Post & Packing, using 1st Class Recorded Delivery, is charged at cost. If you wish, please send the tapes to us first in order that we can then work out a total cost for you. Payment can then be made via PayPal (prefered), by Bank Electronic Transfer or by Cheque. We will supply details before commencement.

The transfer options include:

  • VHS to DVD transfer (video to DVD convert and transfer / copy)
  • S-VHS to DVD transfer (large format video cassette tape)
  • VHS-C to DVD transfer (small camcorder tape format)
  • S-VHS-C to DVD transfer (small camcorder tape format)

NTSC format VHS transfers

At SimplyDV we’re equipped to undertake the transfer and transcoding of VHS-format video cassettes recorded into the NTSC video format as used in the USA, Canada, Japan and many South American countries. These won’t play in standard household VHS players in the UK but we are able to not only play your tapes (using specially imported equipment) but we can convert it to the European PAL format for re-recording to DVD or saving as a computer video file for further transfer to your iPad, Android tablet or other device on which you wish to view your archived video recordings.

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