Tape Baking Services – only £30 + VAT!

Cure those Sticky Shed Syndrome blues with a new service from SimplyDV that results in Ampex video and audio tape masters being heat-treated to render them playable again.

Image showing four Ampex U-Matic Videocassettes on a table top

Ampex U-matic Videocassettes

If you work in the video or audio archiving and preservation business, or even if you’re a producer who has master tapes dating from the 1980s and early 1990s bearing the Ampex and Quantegy brand names, you’ll know that such tapes can be a right pain.

The problem is that since the late 1990s, when the symptoms started to become apparent, Ampex and some Quantegy tapes are creating real difficulties every time an attempt is made to reproduce them.

The problem is ubiquitously known as Sticky Shed Syndrome and can only be cured by slow heating of the tape for a period of between 8 and 24 hours, depending on the severity of the condition.

We can do this, and since first testing our own process we have successfully treated videotapes originating from MTV, Virgin Atlantic, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Cleo Laine / John Dankworth Collection and Marshall Amplification. We also routinely treat videotapes for a number of advertising & marketing agencies in the UK and USA as well as for independent TV/Video directors and producers.

Basic price for Tape Baking

After testing on our own master tapes and then those of some of our clients, we’re now able to offer a tape baking service for you at a standard price of £30.00 + VAT per item.

If you require us to digitise your Ampex U-Matic videocassette and upon initial assessment we discover that it suffers from Sticky Shed, then we’ll treat it and transfer it for a combined price of £50.00 + VAT. That’s a saving of £5.00 per unit on our regular U-Matic transfer price of £30.00 + VAT per unit (for tapes that don’t require treatment).

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