U-Matic to Direct-to-DVD Tape Transfers £25.00 + VAT per tape (PAL) and £30.00 + VAT per Lowband NTSC or SECAM cassette for standards conversion and digitising.

A large Format Sony KSP U-Matic Cassette and Box

A large Format Sony KSP U-Matic Cassette and Box

The 3/4″ U-Matic (also known as UMatic) videocassette format was developed in the early 1970s and preceded Betamax and VHS.

Because of its robustness as a recording medium and also its reliability, U-Matic was adopted for use in the business video and broadcast television sectors, where it remained in common use into the early 1990s.

U-Matic tapes can be found in two different physical forms. The first is the original large format cassettes which could hold up to 60 minutes of recording and replay time.

As time progressed, broadcasters started to look for a more portable version of this format, and the smaller sized cassettes were developed to fit into more compact portable recorders.

Image showing the two U-Matic videocassette sizes

Large-format and small-format U-Matic VideoCassettes

There are three versions of U-Matic tape recordings. These are referred to as Low Band, High Band and High Band SP – where the latter produces the better quality.

The two High Band variants are known as BVU and BVU-SP (or U-Matic SP) respectively. The latter two use a different recording/replay technique and usually tapes recorded in BVU and BVU-SP formats can’t be played in a Low Band only machine.

However, that’s no problem for us because we can capture and convert any PAL U-Matic tape format – and we don’t even need to know what it is before undertaking the job.

U-Matic and U-Matic SP to DVD Transfers – all at £25.00 + VAT per tape in PAL format

With the maximum duration of a U-Matic or Umatic SP tape being 60 minutes, we charge a flat rate of £25.00 + VAT per tape to copy direct to DVD regardless of the recording length. Please note that this charge applies on a per-tape basis regardless of length. If you require editable video files (eg: as 8-bit or 10-bit Uncompressed Quicktime YUV or RGB, Apple Quicktime DV-MOV, DPX, Microsoft DV-AVI, Apple ProRes422, DVCPRO 50 or DVCPRO 25, etc.), please let us know as we can write captured files out to external HDDs or Solid State storage which you can supply yourself or we can supply to you.

Additional copies of any regular PAL DVD recording (up to 60 mins in length) are priced at £6.00 (£5.00 + VAT) each when ordered at the same time as the transfer or £9.00 (£7.50 + VAT) later.

Note that standard U-Matic (UMatic) is also known as Lowband U-Matic (Umatic). High Band U-Matic is commonly referred to as BVU, with High Band SP U-Matic being referred to as BVU-SP as well.

NTSC Lowband U-Matic Standards Conversion and Capture to PAL DVD or editable file only £30.00 + VAT per tape

We can replay your NTSC or SECAM format U-Matic videocassettes and standards-convert them during capture to any required video file format. Please note that this applies only to Lowband U-Matic; we cannot standards-convert NTSC High Band BVU or BVU-SP material at present.

Auto-run DVDs with Auto Chapter Marks

All DVDs are designed to auto-run when inserted into a DVD player and created with Auto Chapter Marks (at roughly 5 mins intervals) and are labelled using Lightscribe laser burning direct to the upper surface of the DVD. DVD titles will assume the individual titles of the source tapes unless otherwise advised.

Return Post & Packing, using 1st Class Recorded Delivery, is charged at cost. If you wish, please send the tapes to us first in order that we can then work out a total cost for you. Payment can then be made via PayPal (preferred), by Bank Electronic Transfer or by Cheque. We will supply details before commencement.

If have particular requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

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