Digital Betacam Transfers

Digital Betacam to Quicktime YUV 4:2:2, ProRes 422, MPEG-4/H.264, DPX, DVD and more in PAL and NTSC.

Image of a collection of Sony Digital Betacam Tape cassette boxes

DigiBeta Tape Digitising in Milton Keynes and beyond!

Do you have a need for digitised files from your collection of Digital Betacam (DigiBeta) camera source and edit or distribution master tapes? If so, we can help.

We can digitise your tapes to virtually any mainstream digital video format – everything from ProRes422 (any profile) to 10-bit Uncompressed YUV 4:2:2 Quicktime, broadcast-quality MPEG-4/H.264, AVI, DPX sequence and even DVD. We can also handle large-format and small-format tapes in addition to encoding in either PAL or NTSC.

Personal attention during transfer

Unlike many transfer houses, we don’t just shove a tape into a machine and leave it to run. We keep a close eye on playback to ensure that everything’s right from both a visual and aural perspective. We transfer via SD-SDI connections for faithful signal pass, and audio is balanced with a broadcast-quality Soundcraft sound mixer prior to capture/ingest into one of our Mac based systems via Blackmagic Design processing technology.

In other words, we do the job properly – something our customers will confirm!

UpRes from SD to 1080p using Blackmagic Teranex 2D – no extra charge!

Image of the front panel of our Teranex 2D Digital Video Processor by Blackmagic Design.

Blackmagic Teranex 2D Digital Video Processor

We’re performing an increasing number of requests to upscale from SD 4:3 to HD 1080p or 720p DigiBeta, Beta-SP, DVCAM and DVCPro using our Blackmagic Teranex 2D digital video processor. And before you think that all it does is to stretch your material into a HD window then think again; broadcast TV and OB facility companies, major film and video archives and post-production houses the world over are now specifying Teranex for the simple reason that its HD output from SD masters is just magical. Try it!

We can supply upres material in any of the main ProRes422 profiles, DPX, H.264 and Quicktime 10-bit / 8-bit uncompressed files (note that we can’t supply files as DNxHD at the moment). Please ask for more information. The good news is that it costs you no more to take advantage of Teranex digital processing.


We’re now offering all Betacam tape format transfers in both PAL and NTSC at a standard rate according to the tape running times. These are as follows:

  • Tape up to 33 mins = £24.00 (£20.00 + VAT) per tape;
  • Tape 34 – 64 minutes = £36.00 (£30.00 + VAT) per tape;
  • Tape 65 – 94 minutes = £48.00 (£40.00 + VAT) per tape.

Depending on the destination format (eg: DVD disc, ProRes422, 10-bit/8-bit uncompressed Quicktime file, MPEG-4/H.264 file, DPX delivered on Hard Disc Drive or USB stick, Memory Card, etc) we are also able to offer discounted prices on volume in excess of 10 units.

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