Camcorder Tapes onto DVD

Betamax and VHS Tape Transfers £18.00 incl VAT

Image of Sony BM-C100 and JVC GR-C1 camcorders

Early 1980s Sony BM-C100 and JVC GR-C1 camcorders - can you still play the tapes?

Bet you have camcorder tapes that you can no longer view!

Don’t worry. We can not only view them but we can transfer your Betamax and VHS camcorder tapes to DVD as well.

Considering the smallness of today’s video cameras and camcorders, it seems unimaginable that the early consumer format camcorders could be so enormous – but they were. Recording onto either Betamax or VHS and its S-VHS variant tapes, the camcorders were popular in their day but are now well and truly obsolete. Do you have camcorder video tapes? Do you have their recordings in a form that you can now play digitally on a DVD, iPhone, iPad or perhaps uploaded to YouTube?

The chances are that whilst the camcorder has long been disposed of, the tapes it recorded are languishing in a box or in a drawer somewhere. And there’s a chance you no longer have the means to play them – such as a home VCR (video-cassette recorder).

Digital Copies that might even be better than the tape recording itself!

Don’t worry. Send your camcorder tapes to us and we’ll do the rest. We can copy your camcorder tapes onto DVD – not only can we copy your VHS onto DVD but we can also transfer your Betamax video onto DVD as well. And because we use broadcast-industry standard TBC to eliminate the jitters and wobbles in your old tapes as well as performing a frame-by-frame colour-correction of the pictures, you’ll have a new digital copy of your precious home movie recordings that you, your family and your friends will be able to cherish for ever.

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