Betacam-SP to DVD

Betacam and Betacam-SP to DVD from £20.00 + VAT

A full-size Betacam-SP master tape

A full-size Betacam-SP master tape

Betacam is the professional quality variant of the previous consumer Betamax videocassette format that had, by the mid-1980s, started to lose the battle against VHS.

The original Betacam format cassettes – which created analogue component video recordings as opposed to the analogue composite of Betamax and therefore are incompatible with the older format players – were the same physical size as Betamax cassettes and were used in a new generation of broadcast-quality camcorders. Betacam, in turn, soon developed into Betacam-SP (also known as Beta-SP) in order to facilitate a higher quality recording and playback. This became the long-lasting standard.

One of our pro Betacam-SP VCRs (centre)

One of our pro Betacam-SP VCRs (centre)

A larger, and higher capacity, format Betacam-SP tape cassette also evolved for use as an editing medium.

This was widely adopted by almost all mainstream broadcasters, including the BBC.

There are lots of Beta-SP tapes in circulation now as well as existing in video archives (our own included), and that’s why we obtained the necessary hardware to transfer your broadcast-quality Betacam and Betacam-SP tapes before suitable playback hardware becomes as scarce as it with other formats.

Prices for Betacam and Betacam-SP to DVD Transfers start at £20.00 + VAT per tape

  • Tape up to 30 mins = £24.00 (£20.00 + VAT) per tape;
  • Tape up to 60 minutes = £36.00 (£30.00 + VAT) per tape;
  • Tape up to 90 minutes = £48.00 (£40.00 + VAT) per tape.

Do you require professional-specification archiving or editable files instead?

If you require editable video files – such as 8-bit or 10-bit Uncompressed Quicktime MOV (YUV, RGB) Quicktime DV-MOV, Microsoft DV-AVI, Apple ProRes422, Sequenced DPX etc – then an additional charge applies. Please refer to item M-3 on our Prices page. The cost of external storage media – such as HDDs and Solid State drives – is extra or you can supply your own.

Additional copies of any recording (up to 120 mins in length) on DVD are priced at £6.00 (£5.00 + VAT) each when ordered at the same time as the transfer or £9.00 (£7.50 + VAT) later.

Auto-run DVDs with Auto Chapter Marks

All DVDs are designed to auto-run when inserted into a DVD player and are labelled using Lightscribe laser burning direct to the upper surface of the DVD. DVD titles will assume the individual titles of the source tapes unless otherwise advised. We retain a “disc image” file for each DVD for a period of 30 days; this we do in case of a faulty copy or loss in transit, etc., enabling us to make a replacement copy for you if required.

Return Post & Packing, using 1st Class Recorded Delivery, is charged at cost. If you wish, please send the tapes to us first in order that we can then work out a total cost for you. Payment can then be made via PayPal (prefered), by Bank Electronic Transfer or by Cheque. We will supply details before commencement.

In other words, if you have a mixture of PAL Betacam and Betacam-SP tapes in a mixture of durations we can compile them onto a single DVD for you – with VT clocks and idents if required.

If have particular requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

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