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Clock ticks on old videos!

So, like millions of other people, you or your organisation have a pile of analogue VHS, Betamax, Video-8, Hi-8 videos lying around that you can’t actually play any more because the player broke down or you’ve thrown it away? Maybe your organisation has training or product promotion videos that are stuck in their U-Matic, Betacam-SP or S-VHS cassettes? You really need to think about getting them digitally archived. Now! Continue reading

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We love 3/4″ U-Matic

Bringing ageing 1970s analogue video master tapes in the digital domain – SimplyDV is currently investigating the feasibility of digitising Sony U-Matic video tape masters as seen on Milton Keynes’ cable TV network between 1976 and 1979. It’s quite a challenge! Continue reading

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Screencast Production

VHS to DVD transfer and conversion is just one of our activities. Earlier in 2010 we were producing over 30 screencasts for The Open University and the European Union – with great success. Continue reading

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More analogue gear!

Today I signed for a studio-quality video monitor that I simply couldn’t have afforded back in the day when it was selling at full price. It’s a lovely Ikegami TM20-17RPA Grade 2 Studio Monitor and the pictures are fabulous! Continue reading

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