End of the line for VCR production in Japan

As the last VHS video recorder rolls off the line in Japan, we have to consider the implication for those millions of video recordings that will soon be unplayable.

With the decline of VHS home video recorders now having been accelerated by the ceasing of production in Japan and elsewhere, it’s becoming even more obvious that people really need to consider the transfer of their analogue video tape recordings (on all formats – not just VHS) into a digital form.

See:¬†Japan ‘to stop making VCR machines’

There are lots of little businesses who’ll offer to do this very cheaply, but as lots of people have discovered you’ll not always get the best results. You get what you pay for, after all.

What’s needed for the best quality transfer is technology that operates to broadcast television standards; we use professional-standard videotape reproducers, ex-BBC TV timebase correctors and other quality control systems that maintain the technical quality of your precious recordings. We can even convert, in real time during the transfer, your old recordings into widescreen pictures that look good on your large flat-screen LCD TV.

According to major film and TV archives, the shelf-life of almost all ageing video and audio tape recordings is at best 15 years from now. Don’t leave it that long – contact us without delay!

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