SimplyDV ends audio reel transfer service

In order to concentrate on doing what we do best, we’ve taken the decision to end our reel tape transfer service.

Image of a collection of studio master audio tapes in various sizes, including 10" NAB quarter-inch spools

A collection of studio master audio tapes in various sizes, including 10″ NAB quarter-inch spools

In addition to offering multiple format video transfers, which forms the core of our business, we have also been offering an audio transfer service here in Milton Keynes. For over three years we’ve facilitated the transfer to CD and digital file formats of 1/4″ reel-to-reel audio tape, standard audio-cassette and also MiniDisc and Micricassette. However, it’s proved to be a difficult service to offer alongside the video transfer business due to the constant attention demanded by ageing audio tape technology. In short, the cost of maintaining 35-year-old (and more!) tape machines is costing us more than the revenue we get from the transfers themselves, and as equipment becomes unserviceable at reasonable cost we are finding it difficult to maintain the service at all.

For that reason we have taken the decision to withdraw the facility completely. We’ll try to support existing customers where we can but regrettably we won’t be accepting new business with immediate effect. The reality is that keeping old analogue audio technology is expensive both in terms of replacement parts and the availability of the human skills required to keep these old beasts going properly.

It’s always disappointing to let people down when they have precious memories and valuable master tapes to preserve for posterity in digital form, and it’s a decision we haven’t taken lightly, but it’s something we have to do.

Apologies for this. However, if you need video transfer services you know where to come!

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