More Broadcast TV specification equipment added

Some of our competitors will transfer your home video very, very cheaply. But ask yourself how – and why!

Image of Snell & Wilcox KUDOS TBC-11P Timebase Corrector

Our Snell & Wilcox KUDOS TBC-11P Timebase Corrector cleans up those dodgy off-tape recordings!

Believe it or not, there are people who will facilitate the transfer of your home video recordings to DVD for much less than reasonable pocket money. The secret is that they buy clapped out old video machines on eBay, hook a couple of cables into an old DVD recorder and present you with the results. But as we don’t want to give you nightmares we’ll leave it there.

Not at SimplyDV; we justify our prices by offering a professional result – and that means that off-tape video signals have to be properly stabilised and processed to ensure that the resulting digital video recording looks and sounds as you’d expect.

To that end, we’ve just acquired yet another bit of broadcast TV standard kit – a droolerific Snell & Wilcox KUDOS TBC-11P Timebase Corrector that not only strips and rebuilds the timebase and returns a sequence to broadcast TV spec but it also plays its part in reducing image noise too. It came from a regional TV broadcasting centre and was in use within 15 minutes of being installed today. It is helping to significantly stabilise and tidy up some very dodgy-looking off-tape VHS signals recorded over 25 years ago.

At SimplyDV we really do go that extra mile to ensure that our valued customers are happy bunnies!

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