Ringing in the changes for 2015!

Where did 2014 go? Who knows – but look out for some exciting new deals soon at SimplyDV.

This year we’re introducing some changes to the core services we offer, and this principally involves a shift away from delivering digitised video recordings on DVD to file-based media. Don’t panic – we’ll still be offering DVD, but soon your choices will be greater.

It’s not just corporate and institutional clients who are asking for video files on either hard disc drives, flash media or via web-based dropboxes, but a high proportion of our private customers are asking for their home video recordings to be written as MPEG-4 video files in this form as well. The result is that the bulk of work undertaken during the latter half of 2014 was delivered to clients on portable USB Hard Drives or USB Flash Drives (“USB sticks”).

DVD discs are becoming unfashionable in an era when files can be stored in a manner that renders them accessible via Wi-Fi based home “media centre” systems. And, of course, video files can more easily be shared with family and friends in different parts of the world.

Soon, we’ll be updating the main website to include some extra-special bundle deals that includes digitising (to a professional standard, no less) AND the media on which clients will receive the files.

So…. watch this space. Meanwhile, Happy New Year and all that.

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