Keeping our heads clean

The trouble with old, obsolete video tape formats is that they tend to deteriorate after many years of storage.

Composite image of video head cleaning in Sony U-Matic Video Reorder

Keeping video heads clean in obsolete videotape recorders is a necessity

This 1977 Scotch 3/4″ U-Matic tape containing a video recording from the University of California has dropout problems and an edge crease from about half-way through its 50 minutes length.

Creases and dropout will often deposit gunk onto the tiny video scanning heads and drum assembly, which requires a thorough clean before transfer. That’s not such a hassle with one tape but when there’s a whole boxful to do it’s a pain performing a full clean between transfers.

Look at the technology required to perform transfer of a tape format whose maximum record time was an hour! I predict that one day we’ll be able to record and store video on tiny devices that can fit into one’s pockets. I know – I saw it on BBC1’s flagship technology show Tomorrow’s World years ago!

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