Transferring MICROMV – the last videocassette format

Back in 2001, when I was a freelance writer for camcorder magazines like Camcorder User and Video Camera, I reviewed the first of a revolutionary new digital tape format called MICROMV called the Sony DCR-IP1.

Image of a Sony DCR-IP45E MICROMV Camcorder and tape connected for transfer

Transferring a client’s recording using a Sony DCR-IP45E MICROMV Camcorder

Brand logo for Sony MICROMV format

Sony MICROMV logo

This was one of the first to arrive in the UK and, to be honest, my Camcorder User review wasn’t that complimentary! The format, which was the last (and the smallest) tape-based video format ever launched, used a very similar form of digital compression as used for video DVD called MPEG-2 but it never established itself in a fast-evolving market. In 2006, Sony abandoned it in favour of DVD and Hard Disc formats.

How strange that what was once a brand new format is now very much an obsolete legacy format, and that clients should now be asking me to help them transfer their MICROMV recordings into something that they can access digitally! It seems like only yesterday that an IP45E was flying with me to Spain for a “real-world” camcorder test!

For more information about MICROMV see Wikipedia

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