Betamax to DVD transfers

SimplyDV is pleased to tell you that we’re now able to offer transfers from Betamax video-cassettes once again. Price £15.00 per tape!

We’re pleased to announce that following the complete refurbishment of the first of our ageing Sanyo VTC-5000 Betamax recorders dating from the early 1980s we’re now back in the business of transferring your Betamax video tapes to DVD or to digital file formats.

Image of Sanyo VTC5000 Betamax Recorder/Player

Restored Sanyo VTC-5000 Betamax player producing superb pictures and sound

These old machines are, understandably, highly temperamental and over the past few months they’ve been causing more than a few problems, so we decided to bite the bullet and splash out for a complete overhaul on our No. 1 machine. We’re delighted we did because the result is a VCR that has been all but rebuilt by a former Sanyo UK production engineer who has done a fabulous job.

Although Betamax, first developed by Sony and subsequently licensed to other manufacturers such as Sanyo, lost in the battle of the giants that were the Matsushita Company (Panasonic and JVC) and the Sony Corporation who were locked in a battle to gain dominance for their respective VHS and Betamax formats.

A fight to the bitter end

Matsushita won the bitter fight and VHS became the dominant format. However, many people considered Betamax to be the technically superior format.

In Britain, the take-up of VHS was greater and faster than Betamax even from the earliest days of the battle, and for that reason the number of home video recordings that survive on Betamax video-cassettes is miniscule compared to the ubiquitous VHS format. Despite that, we do receive enquiries from hopeful (not to say desperate!) customers seeking a transfer of precious recordings to a more accessible digital video format.

As such, we’re pleased to offer this service to you at the same basic cost as other common home video formats such as VHS.

Basic price for Betamax transfer to DVD

The basic price of Betamax to DVD transfer is a crazy £15.00!

The price includes:

  • the DVD disc (single-sided, single-layer)
  • title text (printed on to the white face of the disc)
  • black slimline DVD library case
  • printed DVD case title inlay insert.

Note also that the off-tape signals are electronically processed by a broadcast TV grade Timebase Corrector in order to stabilise the recordings during playback and to restore their wobbly sync pulses. We’ll also adjust the colour, luminance, black level and sound levels as required too. A lot of work for a bargain price, we think you’ll agree!

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