High volume audio cassette transfer job complete

A sigh of relief here at SimplyDV Towers as a large and very time-consuming job for The Open University is completed.

Image of an audio cassette tape and a Western Digital Elements hard drive on the right.

The audio cassette tape on the left is the last of a 560-unit transfer job, all of which are stored on the hard drive on the right.

The client – a faculty that has been storing a collection of educational research recordings that were made during a 4-year period from 1982 – now requires all such analogue media recordings to be transferred to a digital storage medium that enables them not only to save a considerable amount of storage space but which will make the precious recordings more widely accessible.

All 560 audio cassettes, plus a collection of video recordings which have also been digitised to MPEG-4/H.264 files, have been digitised to MP3 audio files for delivery on the Western Digital Elements 1TB hard disc drive on the right. Not only is a mass of archive shelf space now a lot emptier for the client but all of the digitised audio and video files now occupy less than 10% of the hard disc drive!

Think of the space you can win back after we’ve undertaken a similar job for you!

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