Digitising and archiving audio tapes

Organisations large and small are commissioning us to carefully transfer their professional-quality audio master tapes for long-term digital archiving.

Image of a Revox B77 professional audio tape recorder/player which we use for playback of 1/4-inch tapes

A Revox B77 professional audio tape recorder/player is used for playback of 1/4-inch tapes

Despite being primarily a video to DVD transfer business based in Milton Keynes, we’ve seen an upsurge in requests from existing and new customers who require their precious archive of analogue reel-to-reel 1/4-inch audio master tapes digitising for long term archiving.

It’s interesting that such a demand arises in the middle of what is our worst financial depression since the 1930s, too.

Perhaps the underlying reason is that analogue tape stock is going to deteriorate with or without a recession, so a decision becomes simple – to digitally preserve the recordings on the tapes or do discard them forever!

Deteriorating tapes that need attention before it’s too late

Image of a collection of studio master audio tapes in various sizes, including 10" NAB quarter-inch spools

A collection of studio master audio tapes in various sizes, including 10-inch NAB quarter-inch spools

A huge number of analogue audio recordings mastered on studio-quality 1/4-inch tapes sit languishing in the archives of radio stations, audio-visual production companies, production companies and even people’s homes that will probably never be heard again while they rely on the specialised technology required to transfer the recordings from the analogue world into the digital domain. The often priceless content of these tape recordings must be digitally transferred now before it’s too late.

To that end, we’ve been undertaking an increasing amount of 1/4-inch audio tape transfer not only to CD but also to HDD (Hard Disc Drives) as well as to computer files which are then used as part of online training and entertainment module development. Recent clients include The Open University, the Bletchley Park Trust and several UK audio-visual production companies as well as radio stations.

Is this a service we can provide for you or your organisation? Have a look around you and there’s no doubt you’ll see lots of audio recordings in a variety of physical formats – with audio-cassette and reel-to-reel tape being the most common.

Where to get the best advice

Image of Stereo PPM Audio Meters enabling accurate monitoring of incoming stereo sound during digitisation

Keeping an eye on sound levels with stereo PPM Audio Meters

We can offer you not just an excellent standard of service but also an attractive price package (especially if you have a package of recordings requiring special care and attention) so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Contact us right now. He’ll be very happy to offer you friendly advice and a suggestion about the best way to proceed with the long-term digital preservation of your precious audio tape recordings.

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