How long will our Video to DVD transfer take?

This is the most common question we’re asked when a new customer asks us to undertake a transfer of video to DVD or to computer file.

We try to turn around orders as quickly as possible. If you require only one or two VHS videocassettes to be digitally transferred to DVD we can often manage this within 24-48 hours on weekdays. In short, if you get your original tape or tapes to us on Monday morning it’s likely that we’ll be able to have DVD copies ready for you to collect on or by Wednesday – but it depends on our workload.

At the time of writing this post, we do have a couple of large-quantity bulk transfer contracts – one of which involves the digitising to high-resolution Apple Quicktime editing files of over 300 VHS and S-VHS videocassettes, but this assignment has been allocated a dedicated system for the duration of the job (which is several months).

However, we also have two separate, dedicated, VHS-to-DVD copy systems that are used for small orders and one-offs.

How are your DVDs packaged and presented?

All digitised VCR recordings are first captured to a hard drive system, where the beginnings and endings are tidied up. They are then written out to high quality, industry-standard, TAIYO YUDEN Printable Dye ID DVD-R discs prior to having the disc face printed with the title, date or recording etc (Eg: “Our Wedding – 2nd September 1974”, etc) before being inserted into an Amaray or similar slimline black DVD library case. An insert sheet containing the disc title info is also included.

What about additional copies of your video on DVD?

The first DVD disc is, of course, included in the basic price. If, however, you require additional copies then providing they’re ordered at the same time as the first, they’ll cost you a mere £5.00 – and each copy is packaged and presented identically to the first.

If additional copies are required later, then we charge £7.50 per DVD copy.

Keeping backups of your digitised recordings

Please note that we routinely back up all your digitised recordings for a period of 30 days (approximately one month) from the date they were made. This is to cover ourselves if there’s a problem with your disc or if you require additional copies at a later date. We can retain copies for longer if you wish. Please ask when ordering your video to DVD transfer with us.

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