DVD to MPEG video transcoding and archiving

We’re getting a steady stream of requests from UK customers for video file conversion from DVD, hard disc drives and memory cards to web-ready MPEG4 formats.

Transcoding DVD recordings to MPEG-4

We’re responding to requests to convert DVD recordings to MPEG-4 video formats

We’re also finding that educational establishments, research and development departments of large organisations, film and video archives and even owners of private video and film collections are coming to us with requests to convert their existing digital video library into more accessible forms. These include everything from preparing versions suitable for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo or clients’ own websites to video files that can be shared via iPads and Smartphones, and with it the number of requests to convert DVD to MPEG4 files is rising fast.

Making your video archive accessible to others

Consider the benefit of having your home or business video archive accessible to a whole group of people (family members, students, colleagues or members of a special-interest group) via mobile devices. We’re getting more and more enquiries from people who require us to do exactly this – and we’re happy to oblige!

The most recent enquiry is from a client who requires a collection of company training films to be digitised and converted to a format that can be stored on a central server and made available to users on their network via smartphones, iPads and media-server devices like Apple TV. That’s something we’re doing right now – and we can do it for you too.

We can take recordings on tape, DVDs, hard disc drives (HDDs) or even memory cards and perform these file conversions for you, so why not get in touch and discuss your needs?

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