Video “Direct to DVD” – what we actually do for you

Our Direct-to-DVD video transfer service isn’t what it appears to be. What you get is something better.

From time to time we get asked what is meant by “direct to DVD” transfer, and the reply isn’t as obvious as you might think.

A Direct-to-DVD transfer of VHS video at SimplyDV

Our direct-to-DVD transfer service gives you that bit more

Some of our clients have had tapes copied to DVD by other suppliers and have found not only the quality of the transfer but also the method of copying to bit a bit circumspect. In some cases, it’s simply because the operator hasn’t paid any attention to the recording being digitised; in other cases they’re using worn-out domestic VCRs that should have been written off long ago. Then there’s the operator who simply hits the record button on the DVD recorder and copies everything on the tape – warts and all.

You don’t get that kind of service here at SimplyDV.

Creating a digital intermediate master

Although your precious recordings are captured from the tape in real time (ie: it takes one minute to digitise one minute of tape), we first capture the tape contents to a Hard Disc Drive (HDD) recorder – and that’s after the video picture has passed through a digital timebase corrector and processing amp to restore the recording to the optimum specification. That produces a digital intermediate master from which the DVD copies can be made.

Once we have the recording on the HDD, we then trim up the beginning and end of the recording to keep things nice and tidy, and we also edit out any obvious breaks in the recording – such as gaps between recordings when using a camcorder or bits of previous, unwanted, recordings.

Highest quality copies – but only when we’re happy

Once we’ve done all that and we’re happy with sound levels and the like, we then create the DVD using the highest quality DVD compression settings we can. That way, your finished DVD will look its best on today’s modern TV and computer displays.

At SimplyDV, over 35 years’ professional video systems experience guarantees you the best quality transfer – every time.

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