Strong demand for video to DVD transfers in 2011

As we move into a new year, it’s worth reflecting on the kind of year 2011 has been for us here at SimplyDV.

There’s no doubt that more and more of you are discovering those old VHS, Video-8 and Hi-8 video-cassettes that have been languishing on shelves, under the sofa and in the attic for a good few years. What’s also interesting is that, thanks to digital TV recording on systems like Sky+, ¬†there’s no way of reviewing those old videocassettes once the VHS recorder packs up for good.

If that’s you, you’re not alone! Almost all of our domestic jobs throughout 2011 have come from customers who have found old video tapes lying around and suspect that there’s something valuable on them but have no means of checking. Inevitably, we get asked to copy them to DVD.

There are other customers who do know what’s on their tapes and want us to make the best possible digital transfers of their material before it’s too late. And that’s just what we do.

So – if you have a collection of home video cassettes and you have no way of knowing what’s on them, then you know what do to! Get them to us quickly. One day, they’ll be unplayable – and then it will be too late.

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