Preserving a precious wedding video on DVD

The lady was desperate. The VHS video containing rare clips of her late husband and daughter wasn’t playing properly. Could we help?

It’s not an unusual problem, but you have to sympathise with the client. The big problem with ageing video-cassettes is that they’re getting on a bit. However, VHS and Betamax tapes (not to mention the various professional formats like U-Matic and Betacam-SP) are actually much more rugged than the machines that were designed to play them back so faithfully.

That was a problem faced by Mrs. Hambleton and her family, who live near Southampton. She alerted us to the fact that some of her video-cassettes were faulty – symptoms of which were (by the family’s estimation) a flashing in and out of colour and very wobbly pictures and sound. Was there any way we could put back the colour and make the recording as good as they remember it being?

Well, anyone who has worked with VHS since its inception in the mid-late 1970s will know that the tape is probably in good condition, with the VCR being the guilty party. With that in mind, we ran the tape on our professional-grade Panasonic recorder and switched a few switches to ensure optimum playback. We then fed the video output through our ex-BBC timebase corrector (TBC) in order to stabilise playback and also to correct the colour flashing.

Our suspicions were confirmed. The tape itself was fine – it was the family’s VCR that was at fault. In fact, not to put a finer point on it, it was dead.

We proceded to digitise the tape into our Apple Mac, where additional adjustments were made to optimise pictures and sound, prior to burning a DVD which we then sent to a very happy Mrs. Hambleton – who then ordered an additional four DVD copies of a precious family VHS video featuring the wedding of her daughter – who sadly passed away in 1998. It also featured her late husband who passed away in to 1993.

We like happy customers – and we’re always happy to be of service.

Find out more about how we copy VHS wedding video to DVD in Milton Keynes and beyond!

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