Customers love our quality!

Customers are telling us that they love our VHS to DVD transfer service and are referring us to others

November has seen an upsurge in the number of people bringing their precious home video to us on VHS tapes with a request to preserve them on high-quality DVD discs.

VHS to DVD transfers - best quality

Customers praise our professional VHS to DVD transfer quality and standard of service

What’s interesting is that we’re starting to see referrals from existing customers who have obviously been so pleased with our services that they’ve encouraged others to use us. As anybody running a business knows, that’s the best form of advertising.

We’ve been copying all sorts of stuff in the last few weeks. One nice lady from Somerset asked if we could make a copy of a VHS videocassette dating from the early 1980s which contained the only moving images in existence of her late father as he pottered around in his garden. The tape was in a poor condition and she was worried that all was lost as she no longer had a VHS on which to play the tape.

However, on receiving the cassette we were able to achieve a stable playback (thanks to our broadcast-standard Timebase Correction equipment) in addition to being able to tweak the picture and sound quality in an attempt to restore some of its former glory.

She was so pleased with the resulting digitised copy that she ordered additional copies for relatives – something we were happy to do.

Panasonic AG-8700 S-VHS/VHS recorder/player

One of our commercial-grade Panasonic AG-8700 S-VHS/VHS recorder/players

In another project, we were able to digitise a very temperamental videocassette of a couple’s 1980s wedding video. The original videographer had long ceased trading and the edited video master was untraceable, so we only had a VHS copy to work on. Again, careful playback using an industrial-standard Panasonic AG-AG8700 S-VHS/VHS player helped us to achieve a stable playback which was further aided by our Sony BVT-500 Digital Timebase corrector. Sound was rebalanced via our Soundcraft audio mixer prior to digitising and writing to DVD.

The customer was delighted with the results!

Do you have a set of precious family memories that need preserving in the digital domain on DVD? Would you like your video archive to be playable on your PC or even on your smartphone or laptop? We’re here to help! Just get in touch via the Contact page using the link above.

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