Clock ticks on old videos!

The clock is ticking fast on those old films and videotapes.

A Pile of Sony Multi-Format Videocassettes

The clock really is ticking for old videotapes and films. Act now before it

You’ve probably had a good laugh watching old film of the now grown-up kids push grandad into the swimming pool or the company’s sales manager explaining the wonders of the latest telex machine.

Old movies are hard to resist – not least because they serve to remind us how time flies. But they won’t be around forever; if you leave it too long you just won’t be able to view your precious movie clips at all.

The recording medium is deteriorating and serviceable playback devices (like VHS recorders) are getting scarcer. This applies to professional, as well as home, users. Sadly, in a great many cases, it’s already too late. So do something about it – now!

"When the movies die the memories die too"So, what to do with those Betamax, VHS, 3/4″ U-Matic or Betacam tapes that are occupying valuable shelf space? How to get those 16mm, 35mm or 8mm films into a form that can be archived and shared digitally?

Well, SimplyDV has the solution. Professional standard video and film transfer requires a working knowledge of the technology, specialist skills and equipment. We have all three.

Professional standard media digitisation and conversion

The company’s founder, Colin Barrett, has worked with almost every common home and professional video system since the mid 1970s, and it’s this expertise you’ll benefit from when requesting a professional-quality transfer and digitisation or your precious video and film archive. Have a look at the site – and then contact¬†us when you’re ready.

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