Screencast Production

VHS to DVD transfer and conversion is just one of our activities. Earlier in 2010 we were producing over 30 screencasts for The Open University and the European Union

SimplyDV’s Colin Barrett has a close working relationship with The Open University that dates back many years, and in early 2010 he was kept busy overseeing the production of 34 high-quality Screencasts to support the European Union-funded NeOn Project.

The brief, which came from the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) – a leading centre for the research of Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence technologies and which is based at The Open University’s Milton Keynes (Bucks, UK) campus – was to specify a standard by which a large number of academic and commercial institutions across Europe should create screen-recordings (screen capture movies) of software applications/plug-ins they were developing as part of the large EU-funded “NeOn” open source software project. It was Colin’s job to then collect together all of the contributors’ recordings and turn them into professional-quality screen tutorials.

Installing the NeOn Toolkit software package

SimplyDV managed the production of 34 screencast tutorial videos for the European Union

The contract involved a great deal of work:

  • transcribing guide tracks as recorded by contributors
  • editing commentaries and submitting to voice artist
  • liaising with contributors on their content, gaining sign-offs
  • editing master video tracks for each screencast, including panning and zooming as required
  • synchronising new voice commentaries with video modules
  • editing and inserting titles and graphics
  • liaising with interface and graphic designers
  • creating master output files for web and computer playback

For 34 modules, that’s a lot of work! Everything conformed to brief and the various client bodies were all very happy with the final output – which can be seen at:

Another satisfied client!

Here’s what The OU’s Jane Whild, Senior Project Administrator, said of Colin’s contribution to the overall success of the NeOn project:

“Colin was the consummate professional – he managed the contributions from 14 partners across Europe, guided the voice-over artist regarding the specialist terminology of our project content, and brought the job in on time and within budget. On the creative side, he was quick to grasp the brief, and come up with the right solutions”.

When the client’s happy, we’re happy – but not before!

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