We’re Off!

It’s been a long time in the making but at last we have the bones of a new website.

For a couple of years now I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a website that does more than simply offer would-be camcorder owners reviews of upcoming product releases. Having edited the hugely popular SimplyDV camcorder reviews website for over 8 years, I began to feel that camcorders had had their day; people weren’t buying them in anything like the same numbers as they were only a few years before and smartphones were taking their place. With that in mind the decision was taken to wind down the camcorder reviews website and concentrate on exploiting my own skills through the domain, and this is the result.

My professional life is bringing me into regular contact with individuals and organisations that have collections of old, analogue video recordings as well as cine films. All these movie assets are pretty much at the point of obsolescence – which basically means that they’re falling apart at a time when the hardware required to play them is breaking down and being consigned to the skip.

Face it – how many people do you know have lots of VHS or Betamax tapes or even Super-8mm cine films yet have no means to play them? The number is increasing by the day in this age of HDD/DVD recorders and Sky+ recorders.

So that’s why I created this new site; I’ve done it as a means of telling people that if they truly value their older moving media assets they really ought to get them into the digital domain before it’s too late.

There’s lots to do on the site, but I’ve decided to hit the ground running and add material as I get time. Wish me luck!

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