More analogue gear!

The transfer of rare video tapes requires equally rare equipment.

My new Ikegami TM20-17RPA Video Monitor

Our nearly-new Ikegami-TM20-17RPA Video Monitor

One major advantage of once-popular technologies reaching the twilight of their days is that they become very cheap to buy.

As the whole of the professional TV and film production and post-production business moves ever closer to totally digital operation, they’re seemingly happy to give their existing analogue equipment away – and when they’re not giving it away they’re certainly flogging it off for next to nothing.

Of course, that’s very handy if you’re in the business of facilitating transfers and conversions from films and analogue tape-based video recordings because their cast-offs are our essential resources!

Today I signed for a studio-quality video monitor that I simply couldn’t have afforded back in the day when it was selling at full price, but today I can pick up this kind of stuff really cheaply (especially since I know what to look for and where to look!). The monitor in question is an Ikegami TM20-17RPA Grade 1 Studio Monitor and is much better than LCD or Plasma screens when playing back and adjusting off-tape recordings from analogue sources.

All I need to do is to find somewhere to put it!

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